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Neighborhood Association

Leadership Roundtable Meeting

The bi-monthly Neighborhood Roundtable is open to up to 5 members from each association. The group's goal is to build on the city's assets and strengthen the neighborhoods to ensure a safe and healthy city for our residents.

If you've never thought about your neighborhood association before, consider these few points:

- Make new friends in the neighborhood.
- Feel more connected where you live.
- Work with a team of like-minded individuals
- Improve your leadership skills.
- Become a neighborhood decision maker.

Why Join?

Double-click on the map above to see a larger, interactive version. Find out what Neighborhood Association you're a part of!


Fall River Neighborhoods are organized into 16 associations, each with Presidents, monthly meetings that address their neighborhood's concerns and an opportunity for leadership and other members to participate in the United Neighbors' Neighborhood Roundtable with Elise DeWinter Eckelkamp.

What is it?